Oatlands Oatathon

Just a reminder to students, staff and parents that our annual Oatathon (lapathon) will take place on Wednesday the 21st of June. Please refer to your sponsorship forms for information relating to starting times for your child. Start times vary for each year level. Make sure you start searching for sponsors now. Funds raised will go towards purchasing new resources for our school.

Walk to School Day

Last Friday morning Oatlands students took part in a walk to school day.

The key objectives of this initiative are to get our children walking/exercising and to raise awareness of the physical, environmental and social benefits of walking amongst all ages.

Students were dropped off at various meeting points in the Oatlands Estate and walked to school with staff members and fellow students. It was great to see the amount of parents also joining in.

Here are some snaps of the day:

Edwin Flack District Cross Country

On Monday the 1st of May we had more than 60 students represent Oatlands Primary School and compete against schools from all around our local district. Mrs Gamble was delighted with the manner in which students represented our school and the high level of sportsmanship shown especially at the finish line where our students stood and cheered ALL students across the finish line both Oatlands and non-Oatlands students. Our school won the overall amount of points on the day, making us the strongest team in our district. A huge congratulations to the following students who have qualified to represent the Edwin Flack District at the Casey North Division Cross Country Trials to be held on the 29th of May, 2017:

Harvey Anderson, Ebony Code, Ethan Kennedy, James Rowe, Christian Wood, Charlotte Coad, Sahar Mhezai, Zoe Papasavva, Meg Robertson, Anuk Jayamanne, Zac Argentaro, Samara Perryman, Diesel De Santis, Jed Robertson, Ella Robbins, Rachel Booth and Tanaya Kumbara.

We wish them the best of luck on the day.

Active April Celebrations

Thank you so much to all of the students, parents and staff who took part in our annual Active April lapathon challenge. Everyday we observed hundreds of our school community members walking/jogging around the soccer ovals and in doing so increased their daily activity levels and reaped the social, physical and mental benefits of daily exercise. Congratulations to all of those students who reached milestone lap certificates (20,50,75,100,125,150). Also a big congratulations to Grade 6JS who won the overall amount of laps and to Harvey Anderson who reached over 160 laps for the 5 week period (80km!).

SEDA Soccer Clinics

Grade 5 and 6 students have just commenced a 4 week unit of work on Soccer. We have enlisted expert help from Dandenong SEDA (Diploma students) who are running the clinics and sharing their knowledge of the game with our students. Our students have been thoroughly enjoying these sessions so far. They are eager to show off their skills in an intra -grade match in two weeks time. Here are some photos of some of the activities students have been engaged in:

Run For The Kids 2017

In the school holidays a large group of current and past teachers from Oatlands Primary School took part in the annual Run for the Kids Fun Run held in the city. As is tradition we have custom made t-shirts for the day. Thank you to Mrs. Gamble who always puts a great deal of time and effort organising the staff and making the day such a special one. All proceeds from the race go towards the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. The weather wasn’t the best but despite this we soldiered on (some wearing ponchos, quite a sight!). Here are some group shots from the day:

The Inaugural Teacher V Students Netball Match

Last Thursday the 27th of April Oatlands staff and students battled it out to win the inaugural netball game. The sidelines were crammed full of eager students cheering on their fellow grade 6 student’s netball team. The game came about after a unit of work in P.E on netball for grade 6 students last term. Grade 6 students took part in a round robin competition and the winning team were to face a fierce opposition; the Oatlands staff ‘dream team’. The student’s team had t-shirts made especially for the day thanks to the talented Mrs Shave who gave up her time to screen print the front and backs of their t-shirts. A huge thank you to you Mrs Shave! The staff tore away to a significant lead in the first half. We decided to substitute some staff into the students team to equal up some of the height differences. The student’s team turned things around in the second half after some dubious umpiring decisions and the addition of two extra players on the netball court which caused the crowd to come to life. Mrs. Gamble stopped play and declared that the next goal would be the decider. The staff team had an easy shot for goal but missed and the student’s team quickly turned the ball around ad up to their scoring end. The quick passage of play was rewarded with a goal which sent the crowd into hysterics! The students had WON!!!!! Some highlights of the match were Miss Brouwer shooting and defending on her knees and Mrs Doyle’s suspect injury resulting in her being wheeled off the court in a wheelchair (she later returned to the court in perfect health).

Cross Country 2017

Last Friday the 24th of March we held our annual Oatlands cross country carnival for all students in Grades 3-6. We experienced a glorious, sunny March day (perhaps a tad warm for those running!!). It was fabulous to observe students dressing in house colours and everyone trying their best to earn their house some points. The competition was tough and the times recorded were of an exceptionally high standard. It was also great to see so many parents and staff out at the track cheering on students. Students placing in top 10 for their age group will receive a permission for this week as they will form our cross country squad for 2017. We wish them all the best in Term 2 (Wednesday 26th of April) when they compete against other schools within the Edwin Flack District at Sweeney Reserve. Here are some pictures of the day:





Casey North Division Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all of our students that competed in the Casey North Division trials on Wednesday the 8th of March. It was a huge effort for both the Grade 6 students that participated and Mrs Gamble as they had to leave school camp at Wilson’s Prom and drive the 6 hour round trip to return to camp late Wednesday afternoon. That’s dedication!! We’ve had 6 students qualify to compete at the Southern Metropolitan Region on the 29th of March at MSAC. We wish them all the best and hopefully all of their training pays off and they are able to compete to the best of their abilities. Here are some photos of the day: