Oatlands Travels the World 2017 Dance Production

WOW! What a huge success our 2017 Oatlands Travels the World School Production turned out to be. Firstly we would like to thank and congratulate our fantastic students on their efforts during the past five weeks of dance rehearsals. Our students have given up their own time to rehearse with their respective grades and the commitment and dedication shown was definitely evident in the outstanding performance by all students on the production day. We would like to thank parents for your continued support and for sourcing various costumes for your child’s/children’s routines.

We would also like to give a special mention to the following people whose contributions helped make our production such a successful and memorable day.

-Marg De Jong and Nat Salerno for your help with putting together the production programs and backdrop pictures.

-Tanya Shave and Terry Saundry for taking photos during the dress rehearsal and main production day.

-Gina and the specialist teachers who helped set up and pack up on the Monday and Wednesday.

-Class teachers for co-ordinating additional rehearsals outside of their P.E classes, organising costumes and for your enthusiasm and support throughout the past five weeks.

-James Penden for providing the surround sound system and for being in charge of the music playlist for both days.

-Ben and Joel from Forever Digital for filming our dance production and editing each dance for our production DVD. (Parents, you are still able to purchase a copy of the dance production DVD. Please see our friendly office staff to fill in an order form and to make a payment)

-Christopher O’Rourke and his team from CMOR signs for providing an outstanding stage back drop for our concert.

-And last of all we would like to give a huge thank you to our dance choreographers, Gulcan Gulen and Jess Clipsham. Without their expertise, patience and dedication our production would never have come together so well. I think those that attended our production will attest to how fantastic our 2017 Oatlands Travels the World Production really was. Back to the drawing board for next year’s production!!

Here are some action shots from the day:

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