The Inaugural Teacher V Students Netball Match

Last Thursday the 27th of April Oatlands staff and students battled it out to win the inaugural netball game. The sidelines were crammed full of eager students cheering on their fellow grade 6 student’s netball team. The game came about after a unit of work in P.E on netball for grade 6 students last term. Grade 6 students took part in a round robin competition and the winning team were to face a fierce opposition; the Oatlands staff ‘dream team’. The student’s team had t-shirts made especially for the day thanks to the talented Mrs Shave who gave up her time to screen print the front and backs of their t-shirts. A huge thank you to you Mrs Shave! The staff tore away to a significant lead in the first half. We decided to substitute some staff into the students team to equal up some of the height differences. The student’s team turned things around in the second half after some dubious umpiring decisions and the addition of two extra players on the netball court which caused the crowd to come to life. Mrs. Gamble stopped play and declared that the next goal would be the decider. The staff team had an easy shot for goal but missed and the student’s team quickly turned the ball around ad up to their scoring end. The quick passage of play was rewarded with a goal which sent the crowd into hysterics! The students had WON!!!!! Some highlights of the match were Miss Brouwer shooting and defending on her knees and Mrs Doyle’s suspect injury resulting in her being wheeled off the court in a wheelchair (she later returned to the court in perfect health).

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